Questionnaire surveys

The 2010-2011 questionnaire is ongoing!

Starting with the 2010-2011 survey you can fill the questionnaire online at You will need the unique identifier code that was sent to you by mail. Moreover, join us on Facebook at to stay updated with the latest news; you can also find the link to the online questionnaire on our Facebook page.

Why we perform regular questionnaire surveys? 

Each questionnaire survey is designed to fill gaps in our understanding of asthma. Previously we have collected detailed information on over 10,000 people, beginning when they were in infancy or early childhood. With your continuing help we will collect information about (a) ongoing patterns of wheezing disorders, including those who have developed wheezing or asthma for the first time, and (b) your lifestyle and exposure to risk factors. Analysis of all this new information, combined with the existing detailed records, will allow us to: 

  • Improve our definition and understanding of asthma phenotypes
  • Assess the importance of different risk factors acting in adolescence and early adulthood
  • Use the detailed analysis above to develop simple ways of predicting the outcome of wheezing disorders

These results will be available as simple rules for healthcare professionals, and will act as the basis for future work testing the ways of reducing the incidence and impact of asthma.

Who are the participants?

As everyone in the survey gets older, we want to know how they get on. That’s why we are asking you to fill in regular questionnaires. Your information is extremely valuable, even if you have never had any breathing problems!

Although we are extremely grateful for people who participate regularly, any contribution is valuable, even if it is only occasional.

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